In My Humble Opinion...

  • Want a December to Remember? Here's the One Thing You MUST Buy!

    Dec 19 2014 Material gifts are like those foil covered chocolate bunnies that you used to get in your Easter basket when you were a kid. Sure, they wow you at first glance. They’re so big and shiny! But it doesn't take long for you to realize they’re hollow inside—and that leaves you feeling hollow, too. But buying in is a gift that is solid to the core. [read more]
  • Your Ex Old Man Lends a Hand: A Christmas Poem for Single Moms

    Dec 15 2014 In 2013, my gift to divorced moms everywhere was this inspiring Christmas poem! This year, I am running it again. And a tradition was born.... [read more]
  • Good News! The Divorce Rate is Lower Than You Thought!

    Dec 03 2014 The divorce rate isn’t nearly as high as everyone seems to think, and it is actually going down rather than up. There are several factors contributing to the downward trend. People are waiting longer to get married, living together first, and marrying for love rather than other reasons, among other things. [read more]
  • Going Through a Divorce? Here's a Thanksgiving Recipe for Success!

    Nov 19 2014 Thanksgiving is a holiday dedicated to being grateful and spending time with family. Oh—and there’s a horn of plenty of work involved, too, what with all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. The pressure of having to pull all of that off while pretending you’re filled with gratitude and everything is A-OK is enough to make you want to give everyone the bird. [read more]
  • My Bright Idea for J.J. Watt

    Oct 22 2014 J.J. Watt, I think the world of you, but I’d like to ask you to work on something. I thought long and hard about whether I should bring this up—you already work so hard. But this is important—and not just for me, but for all of us (including you). [read more]
  • Thinking of Criticizing Nick Cannon? Here's Why You Should Hold Your Fire!

    Oct 14 2014 If you’re like me, you haven’t really been following the Mariah Carey-Nick Cannon split. And who can blame us? In the category of celebrity splits, “Nickiah” (or is it “Marick?”) hardly registers on the give-a-care-o-meter. It’s not nearly as compelling as TomKat’s split—or even Demi and Ashton’s. Somehow, even Tori & Dean’s breakup was more interesting. (I’m not sure if that reflects more poorly on us or on them.) [read more]
  • Feminism: You're Doing It Wrong

    Oct 02 2014 Listen up, bloggers, reporters, and lady celebrities. We're overdue for a serious talk. All this gum flapping about who is and isn't a feminist has gone on long enough. All of you--bloggers, reporters and lady celebrities alike--are making asses of yourselves. For everyone's sake, you have to stop. Consider this a feminIntervention. [read more]
  • Your Ex's Divorce Spirit Name (What It Is and Why He Needs One)

    Sep 26 2014 What's a divorce spirit name? I'm glad you asked. A divorce spirit name is a nickname you give to your ex that takes the things about him that used to annoy you the most and turns them into a joke instead. And by doing so, you take away the power these annoyances had over you. [read more]
  • To Tell or Not to Tell: How to Take the High Road with Your Kids When Your Ex Had an Affair

    Sep 13 2014 People always talk about wanting to take the high road when it comes to divorce—especially in situations involving their kids. And when it comes to your kids, taking the high road requires putting their interests first. But in this situation, it can be hard to tell what that means, exactly. [read more]
  • My Book Launch Party Was HUGE!

    Sep 06 2014 My book launch party proved once and for all that size really does matter--and bigger is better! If you were there, then I don’t need to tell you how much fun it was. But I do need to tell you thank you--because one of the reasons why it was so fun was because you. Were. THERE! [read more]