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  • Style Guide for Women: Everything You Need To Know In Order to Dress Yourself

    Jun 27 2018 If Melania Trump’s Jacketgate reminded us of anything, it’s that there is a fair amount of confusion over what we should and shouldn’t be wearing at any given moment. From the type of event, to the hour of day, to the time of year, and even the season in life, confusion abounds when it comes to how we should dress ourselves. [read more]
  • PSA for Celebrity Moms: Your Daughters Aren’t Your Besties

    Jun 12 2018 While it’s perfectly cool to have a close relationship with your daughter, it’s super important for you to not lose sight of the fact that your relationship is that of parent and child, not girlfriend to girlfriend. If you don’t keep clear on that, it’s going to be really hard for you to be the kind of mom your daughter needs and deserves. [read more]
  • Adulting 101: Divorce Edition

    May 29 2016 Getting a divorce requires a lot of adulting. (And yes, "adulting" is now a verb.) The timing on that couldn’t be worse, because when you’re getting a divorce, adulting is extremely challenging. [read more]
  • MediYAYtion: Why Your Upcoming Divorce Mediation is a Good Thing (And Instructions on How to Rock It)

    May 15 2016 If you describe yourself as a reasonable person, this is exactly the forum for you to walk that talk. There's a difference between holding firm on things that you feel strongly about and being unreasonably stubborn. Mediation is not the time or place for hardball or sucker punches. Compromise is the name of the game. [read more]
  • Why Reasonable Rebecca Makes for a Catastrophe of a Client

    May 01 2016 The minute you need to convince someone else of your reasonableness in order to feel good about yourself, you’ve stopped being Reasonable Rebecca and you’ve morphed into Codependent Connie. It should be enough that you are sure of the reasonableness of your positions. And if it isn’t, you need to work on changing your mind, not Jerky Jarod's. [read more]
  • Take Off the Baby Sling and Put on Your Thinking Cap! (Advice for the Stay-at-Home Parent Whose Marriage is on the Rocks)

    Mar 31 2016 Being a stay at home parent is a phenomenal gift to give one’s children. And it can be incredibly rewarding for the parent who stays at home, too. But that fact that it is rewarding doesn’t mean it’s not a sacrifice that can put you at a disadvantage. There are steps you can take to shore up your position—and that’s good for everyone in your family. [read more]
  • Whether You’re a Primary Breadwinner or a Stay-at-Home Spouse, Here’s an Important Message From Your Divorce Lawyer

    Mar 09 2016 Think of it like this: Before you split up, when your stay-at-home spouse would go to the store and buy groceries, bring them home, and then prepare dinner for the family, was that poached salmon with artichoke confit "hers"? Of course not. That meal (and the 12,984 other ones she made over the years) belonged to both of you because you were married. [read more]
  • The Secret to Post-Divorce Parenting: Don't "Over" Do It

    Feb 18 2016 There's nothing like a divorce--and the inevitable introduction of new romantic interests--to reveal how wishy-washy an ex's parenting principles actually are. Tenets you assumed were both shared and rock solid can turn to dust before your very eyes. The sudden feeling that you are going it alone when it comes to following through on a very important work in progress--raising your kids--can lead to some pretty big parenting mistakes. [read more]
  • Want to Publicly Compliment Your Significant Other? Don’t [Af]F[leck] It Up!

    Sep 13 2015 Want to give a shout out to your significant other? That’s a lovely idea, but be careful not to botch the job. If you don’t think through what you’re going to say (Ben Affleck circa 2013 in his Argo Oscar acceptance speech), you can easily end up offending your significant other. [read more]
  • Want to Apologize to Your Kids for Your Divorce? Here's How to NOT Screw that Up

    Aug 23 2015 Maybe you’re the one who caused the divorce by having an affair. Or maybe you didn’t want the divorce at all, but there were a few (or twenty) things you wish you hadn’t said or done during the whole ordeal, and those things had an impact on your kids. If you want to apologize, fine. But read this first to make sure your motives are pure and your method doesn’t end up adding insult to injury. [read more]