Articles about Women's Issues

An Open Breakup Letter to Amy Poehler
I know some might consider it bad form to break up with you right before Valentine's Day, but I have too much respect for you to fake it. Plus, I promised at the beginning of our pretend relationship four days ago, that I would always keep it real.

My Bright Idea for J.J. Watt
You've never been afraid to do what you think is right or hold yourself to a higher standard--even if that's different from what everyone else is doing. And that's why you're the perfect guy to recalibrate the NFL's dial.

Feminism:  You're Doing It Wrong 
All of this is to say it’s almost impossible to find anything to criticize about you—and I’m not the type to go looking. But I have nonetheless identified an area where you have an opportunity to improve (and it may well be the only one). 

100% Mid-Century, Zero Percent Modern:  Phyllis Schlafly's Not-So-Secret Plan to Keep Women Disempowered
Recently, Phyllis Schlafly emerged from her 1950s time capsule with both hot glue guns blazing. She took aim at the issue of income inequality and the proposed legislation to address the problem.

Equal! Equal! Read All About It! Why Equal Pay Is Better Than Newspaper Headlines.
These stories and the negative assumptions that they reveal amount to a backhanded compliment to women in general. At least we have all that equal pay to help take the sting away. Oh, wait....

Why Susan Patton's Advice to Get an MRS Degree Is As Wrong As Her Math
From Barbie bride dolls, to First Holy Communion ceremonies, to so-called purity rings, to quinceaneras, girls get constant reminders throughout childhood that they should be planning and practicing for the big day. But the truth is marriage isn't for everyone and we owe it to girls to stop telling them that it is.

Fashion Wrongs: 'Career Ready' Ad Proves Nordstrom Overdue for a Marketing Makeover
Come on, Nordstrom. When advertising career attire for young professional women, don't insult women everywhere by making your models appear to have difficulty staying focused or stringing sentences together. Give us images of young women who look competent, confident and ready to get sh*t done.

Why I Love the "F" Word:  How Having a Daughter Changed My Language and My Life
At 4 1/2, Hannah was old enough to know that she was fair, but too young to realize that grownups often aren't. I really didn't want to be the one to break it to her. How do you to tell an optimistic and ambitious little girl that she needs to adjust her aspirations downward simply because of her gender?

Snaps For Elle Woods: Why “Lady Lawyers” Are Indebted To Legally Blonde’s Main Character
March is Women's History Month, and that means you can't swing your handbag without hitting a tribute to one inspiring woman or another. But there is one fearless femme who has been totally snubbed when it comes to all of this lady-lauding.

Pregnant Pause Or Maternity Leave? What Marissa Mayer’s Maternity Leave Plans Say About The Current Climate For Women In The Workplace
The big story in business news last week was that Marissa Mayer would be the new CEO of Yahoo. Because Mayer is pregnant and due in October, the story quickly turned into Round # [insert made-up number here followed by the word "bajillion"] of the debate over whether it is okay for women to "have it all."