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Seven Signs You're Stuck in a Loveless Marriage
You knew the heady early stages of your marriage weren't going to last forever. But when you find yourself stuck in a stagnant, unsatisfying relationship years later, you can't help but wonder: Is this really what I signed up for? Would we both be better off on our own?

An Open Breakup Letter to Amy Poehler
I know some might consider it bad form to break up with you right before Valentine's Day, but I have too much respect for you to fake it. Plus, I promised at the beginning of our pretend relationship four days ago, that I would always keep it real. Everyone knows the cornerstone of keeping it real is honesty.

Suffering From Post Traumatic Christmas Disorder?  I've Got Your Cure!
Before you block out the entire experience until early next fall when you walk into Home Depot and have a traumatic flashback triggered by all of the ginormous inflatable holiday decorations straight out of some creepy Christmas nightmare, we have some debriefing to do. I'm not trying to torture you; I'm trying to teach you how to have a not-so-painful Christmas next year.

Want a December to Remember?  Here's the One Thing You MUST Buy!
Buying into your life and the people in it is so much more substantial than anything material. Material gifts are like those foil covered chocolate bunnies that you used to get in your Easter basket when you were a kid. Sure, they wow you at first glance. They're so big and shiny! But it doesn't take long for you to realize they're hollow inside -- and that leaves you feeling hollow, too. But buying in is a gift that is solid to the core.

Sadness:  You're Doing It Wrong (Why I'm Mad at Crying)
I don't want to return to the days when crying was the whipping boy of emotions. But I'd like to break the stranglehold crying has on society's response to sadness. Crying is a normal and healthy emotional outlet, but it is by no means the only one.

The Key to Avoiding a Vacation From Hell?  Don't Book One There
Every vacation destination has its own personality; and if that personality sucks, then chances are your vacation is going to suck, too. That's just math.

A Special Message to the 2014 Graduates of the School of Divorce
It's been more than six years now, but I remember quite clearly what it felt like to be in your position. The point in time when your divorce is final and an open road lies before you can be as terrifying as it is exhilarating. Here's what you need to know as you move on with your life:

Taking One for the Team:  Why My Valentine's Day is Going to Totally Suck (And Yet I'm Okay with That)
Valentine's Day is at the tippy top of your list of least favorite holidays right now--and that's saying something, because this year that's one crowded list. To compound the problem, hating Valentine's Day makes you feel like a bad person.

Why You're Every Bit as Awesome as Chocolate Chip Cookies!
If you like chocolate chip cookies (and who doesn't?) then logic precludes you from considering yourself a failure over your divorce. Confused?  Let's run through the logic. 

In the Market for a New Year's Resolution?  Check Out this Sales Pitch for Permanently Giving Up Christmas Shopping
The trouble is each year there is a bigger gap between what I want to do to celebrate Christmas and what I end up doing instead. I want to do things like spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the spirit of the season by decorating the house, cooking and baking, and (much to the chagrin of the people and pets I live with) singing as well as listening to Christmas carols.  But I end up making countless trips to big box stores or the mall, creating spreadsheets to track what presents I've bought and for whom, and turning my living room into an order fulfillment warehouse.

Traveling over the Holidays?  Don't Miss These Tips for Smooth Sledding!  
Christmas and air travel. They go together like peppermint bark and stretch pants. Many of us can't enjoy the former without having to resort to the latter. But unlike stretch pants, air travel can be uncomfortable. Strangers are packed together in cramped quarters, then tortured with things like tight deadlines, unexpected delays, bad customer service and overpriced "food." It's enough to make you forget your good will toward man.

Does all this Hyper Concern About Fat-shaming Make my Butt Look Big?
We cannot become so coddling as a society that we vilify someone who asks us to give some honest thought to the connection between our choices and our health.

The Happy Trap: How Expecting To Be Happy Can Keep You From Being Healthy
recently heard about a couple, Justin and Lindsay, who are divorcing after just a few years of marriage. The problem? Lindsay isn’t happy. That struck me as a pretty flimsy reason to get a divorce.

Rage Against The Machine: Lessons Learned At The Laundromat
November has become the "it" month for thankfulness. Although I missed the original memo last year, when everyone began posting affirmations of gratitude on Facebook each and every day, I put two and two together.

How To Be A Grown-up Girl
A recent incident involving inappropriate texts among sixth graders caused me to rethink the following question: What's the right age for a child to get her first cell phone?

Throwing Your “Hopeless Chest” Overboard: How To Get Rid Of Expectations That Are Diminishing Your Quality Of Life
Raise your hand if you remember hope chests -- you know, the trunks that were issued to young girls of yesteryear. Girls were supposed to fill their trunks with "must-have" items for use once they got married.

Too Legit To Quit: How To Use Rejection As Fuel For Your “Career” As A Struggling Writer
Do you have an over-active imagination? Do you enjoy trying to crack email addresses so you can communicate with people you don't actually know?