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Why Older Women Need Girl Gangs, Too
"Friendships help you live longer, they lower your stress level, they help you recover from illness and injury faster, and they increase your happiness," says Christina Pesoli, life coach and author of the monthly advice column, Emotional Hardbody Answers.

An Open Letter to Women Who Write Open Letters to Their Ex-husbands New Girlfriends
When you say it with an open letter, it stops being about how awesome the girlfriend is, and instead becomes about how superior you are. It's an opportunity for you to trumpet to everyone how you've done this super hard thing -- you've put your ego to the side, and you've fully accepted your ex's new girlfriend and her role in your kids' lives. Except that you haven't.

On the Frontline of a Friend's Divorce?  Be a Trusted Friend, not a Gossip Girl
If you have a friend who is going through a divorce, you may find yourself privy to information, and jonesing to jaw about it. On the one hand, talking about your friend's divorce in an effort to support her is understandable. On the other hand, blabbing about your friend's divorce for entertainment value is unconscionable.

Membership Has its Perils:  One Sorority You Should Never Join (But May Already Be In)
Like computer zombies that are part of a vast botnet, women in this sorority work overtime to sabotage each other's success, yet they aren't even aware that they are part of this destructive network.

Three Completely Creepy (Yet Surprisingly Common) Reactions to News of an Affair
People blurt out really stupid things sometimes -- especially when they're caught off guard. And getting hit with the news that a friend's significant other is cheating is exactly the kind of thing that can prompt you to say something that you'll regret. Here are three things you should NOT say in response to the news:

Friend or Faux? How To Be A Real Friend During Your Friend’s Divorce
Many people have struggled with the awkwardness of not quite knowing how to be a friend to someone who is battling cancer, and much has been written about that topic. But what about the issue of how to be a friend to a person who is going through a divorce?

Crazy, Stupid, Hate: How To Tell If Your Friend Has Obsessive Repulsive Disorder
Do you have a friend who hates her ex? Are you surprised that her animosity toward him has not dissipated over time?

The Friendship Portfolio: Which of Your Friends Are Too Taxing and Which Yield A Good Return On Your Investment
Stressed out over money? You’re in good company. Approximately 99 percent of your fellow countrymen are.