Emotional Hardbody Answers:

Should I Pick Up the Slack for my Ex-husband?
This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is Keith is no longer your husband. The bad news is he is still Will’s dad. Although you wouldn’t know it from your recent interactions with him, Keith is a grown man. As such, he is responsible for acting like one.

I Want My Boyfriend to Reveal His Total Score
I think that when you get into a relationship with someone, you have a right to know how many sexual partners he or she has had prior to you. My friend, however, thinks you only have the right to know about the other person’s sexual health (in other words, if he's STD-free), but asking how many partners he's had crosses a line.

Why Can't She Quit Me?  Constant Contact with Ex Doesn't Make You a 'Good Guy' 
Krista is having a really hard time with the breakup, and I feel terrible about that. After four years together, she wasn’t just my girlfriend, she was my best friend, too. I’ve been trying to focus on the “friend” part of our relationship, and help her through this tough time like any good friend would.

Going Round and Round Over Ring Leaves Fiance Feeling Not So Rosy
In September, I’m marrying the man of my dreams and couldn’t be happier. But there is one issue that is causing our wedding bells to chime slightly off key. My fiancé does not want to wear a wedding ring.

Friends Don't Let Frirends Throw Divorce Parties...Or Do They?
One of my best friends just went through a nasty divorce. Now that it’s behind her, she wants to celebrate by having a “divorce party.” I’ve never heard of such a thing before, but she assures me that divorce parties are now a “thing.”

After Divorce, Should You Keep the Photos for the Kids' Sake?
I’d like nothing more than to run them all through my paper shredder or burn them in a bonfire in my backyard, but the thing that keeps me from doing that is Cassidy. My daughter and I have never discussed the pictures, nor does she spend any time looking at them, but at some level I feel like they might be more hers than mine anymore.

Undercover Mother-in-Law:  My Ex's Mom Wants to Be Secret Friends
So, Jean wants to have a relationship with you but keep it secret from Tom? With a mom like that, it’s not hard to see why Tom was comfortable with sneaking around behind your back.

What to Do When You Can Hear your Neighbors
To soften the news, I would suggest bringing a housewarming gift to this meeting: matching white noise machines — one for your bedroom and one for their patio. After all, they probably have something to tell you, too, because sound waves don’t just travel in one direction.

My Best Friend's Boyfriend Bought her a Present She'll Hate.  Should I Tell Him?
Oftentimes, the polite thing to do and the considerate thing to do are the same. But this is one of those rare cases where they are different.

When Curmudgeon Ruins Movie Experience is Boyfriend to Blame?
...we were occasionally whispering comments to each other during the trailers when this curmudgeon sitting next to Perry leaned in and said, "Excuse me."

Now That We’re Just Friends Without Benefits, Should I Tell His New Fling?
Something has been on my mind but I’m having a hard time figuring out if it’s a problem or not; and if it is, whether it’s actually my problem.

What Do You Do With A Surly Dinner Party Guest?
...Part of me feels bad that she thinks I didn’t care about her hostess gift; but part of me thinks she’s being overly prickly. What do you think?

Ex-husband’s New Girlfriend Wants Advice On Marriage Clash
...She thought since I was married to Bruce I might have some inside intelligence on his views on the topic. The thing is, Bruce always told me he was anti-marriage, too, but he changed his mind.

Are Drinks Before A School Meeting Against The Rules?
Last Wednesday there was a parents' meeting at 7 p.m. at my son’s elementary school. Another mom of a child in my son’s class emailed a group of moms suggesting that we get together for dinner at Applebee’s before the meeting since we were all going to be kid-free.

How To Keep Sister’s Squeeze From Souring Family Get-togethers
My sister “Samantha” (who is single) is having an affair with “Chad,” a married man. This has been going on for years now. In her mind, she considers herself to be in a regular relationship with him. She thinks Chad is her boyfriend...

If A Friend Thinks Her Husband Isn’t On Facebook, Do You Tell Her He Is?
Jenny is one of those people who is not on Facebook. She told me she and her husband “Carl” made a pact to both stay off of it. It’s not that they’re philosophically opposed to it or anything. It’s just that they decided this was something they weren’t going to do for now.

Does Guilt Over Ex’s Friend’s Affair Pass The “Tell” Test?
My husband Craig and I recently split up and are getting a divorce (Fun!). A couple of months before we split up, Craig told me that his best bro (Bob) was having phone sex with his wife's (Jane) sister (Betty) — yes, his sister-in-law.

Coworker’s Copycat Behavior Not Taken As Compliment
There’s this coworker of mine who keeps copying me in this one way: Every time I change purses, within a day or two she shows up to work with a purse that is remarkably similar, if not identical, to the one I'm carrying.

Daughter’s Secret Cell Phone Highlights Parental Disconnect
I have an eight-year-old daughter, Becca. Becca’s father and I have been divorced for two years and we have joint custody. Our divorce was pretty contentious (code: blood bath), but things have calmed down, especially over the last year.